REVIEW/RESEÑA: Aida Rodríguez: Fighting Words (HBO MAX)

Spoiler alert: this review is in Spanglish. You can ask for the translation and maybe I’ll be ever so kind, pero no prometo nada.

I’ll start by saying, gracias Aida, por hacerme reír on a day when I needed it.

Aida Rodríguez is a comedian of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent who I first saw on “Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready”. Aida te habla “raitrú” in the most polite, but bitchy way, so your brain kind of short circuits. Pero no te preocupes, it’ll make you laugh.

This is her first one-hour special on HBO Max and in it she takes on the year of the white-woman (“Karen”), wokeness, cancel culture, slavery, colonialism and personal traumas among other subjects. Aida doesn’t shy away from controversial jokes and directly addresses those who might feel offended by them by inviting them to… para qué te cuento, just go watch it. Cabe mencionar that this was filmed in the Bronx and the Puerto Rican and the Dominican flags were displayed on the stage with pride because Aida nourishes her shows with the culture she lives and breathes.

There were a few highlight jokes that took a carcajada out of me, but I don’t want to spoil it, so I’ll just list these hint words: Spaniards, Colin and, part Dominican.

I was not expecting the short documentary at the end and I have to admit that’s when I couldn’t hold back tears as I watched Aida holding back tears after just meeting her dad for the first time. I can’t identify with that particular story, but I can definitively identify with being a Latinx woman who represses her feelings because she has to be strong for others or maybe even for herself.

And mira, it doesn’t matter how many times I see our bandera or nuestra cultura on the screen, it will always make me smile while feeling ese nudo en la garganta.

I’ll finish by saying, gracias Aida, por hacerme llorar on a day when I needed it.

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